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January 7, 2016
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Nice Pair!!

Keeping yourself motivated with training in these cold winter months can be tough. Particularly when you’re a Mammy, and the alternative to getting out there for a workout is to stay and snuggle at home with your little one. One way to stay focused is to find a like-minded training partner. Whether you train at the same time or take turns watching one another’s little ones whilst the other works out, you’re less likely to miss a session when a friend is relying on you. Here are some ideas for partner exercises you can do together:

  1. Boxing: all you need are a set of gloves and pads, and off you go!! Write down a couple of boxing punch combinations and set a timer for 2-3 minutes. Take turns on the pads and move around in-between each combination to recover. (there are some great apps you can use to set timers – I use ‘Seconds’ and change the timers and rest intervals to suit the training session)
  2. Plank claps: Get yourselves into a high plank position and face one another. Clap your partners hand whilst keeping our hips steady.Partner plank clap This is a great way to strengthen your core, and having your partner rely on you will keep you going. For a more advanced move, do a press up in-between claps. If you tire before your partner, drop your knees to enable you to continue.
  3. Boxing sit ups: my all time favourite exercise. The boxer lays on the floor with knees bent and the pad holder kneeling in front of them. As the boxer sits up, they punch each pad the number of times the pad holder tells them to. This is a great exercise for working those abs, whilst the twisting will work the oblique muscles.
  4. Partner leg circles: both partners lay down on their backs as shown in the picture. legs in the opposite direction to your partner.Partner leg circles If you have any weakness in the back, you can rest on your elbows for extra support.
  5. Medicine ball variations: the medicine ball is a great piece of kit to add a little resistance to body weight exercises.Med ball pass In pairs, you can sit behind each other and pass it around in circles, pass or throw to each other in-between sit ups, use it for standing slams or throw it up in the air and catch in between burpees. Use your imagination and have a little fun with it….just be sure not to hit your partner in the face with it….yes, that has happened before!!!
  6. Sprint circuits: write down 5 strength exercises such as push ups, squats, sit ups, etc. One partner can do these whilst the other sprints a short distance and back. when they return, switch places completing a mini relay.  Repeat this 5 times and you’ve got yourself a great little fat burning workout.

There are so many benefits to having a training partner……the main ones for me are staying motivated and pushing myself harder………just be careful to choose a partner who won’t persuade you to go for a coffee and a piece of cake instead of a workout!!!

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