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July 26, 2016
November 23, 2016
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Never Give Up

It’s been a week of ups and downs for my clients, and for one in particular who has recently discovered a love of running and had just managed her first 5.5k. Had she known that the extra 1/2 km would result in a fall and ligament damage, she probably would’ve sat at home with a cup of tea. Angela has gone from peak fitness to sitting at home

A runners nightmare!!!

RICE’ing (rest, ice, compression, elevation) her swollen ankle. After a teary phone call on Tuesday evening, I did not expect to see Angela walking along the road the very next day; albeit on crutches, but still…..even I was impressed by her determination. Following advice from her physiotherapist to take short walks when she can and to continue working her upper body, she is not going to let this knock her down. Later that day, she had her PT session (thanks to a lift from her training partner Jenni as she also couldn’t drive) and we worked out a new programme around what she is able to do and off she went, happy as a pig in sh#t with the addition of achy shoulders and arms.


It’s much easier said than done, to get over these kind of set backs, and especially for many of my clients as busy mums. Not only do we have our own barriers to climb over, but there are some issues that are just out of our hands, and a big one lately has been chicken pox doing the rounds. When your child is poorly, there’s little more you can do than to be around for cuddles, which is strangely more exhausting than a round of hill sprints with me!!

What can we do to get past these barriers when it comes to exercise?

  • Change the time: if something comes up that really can’t be avoided, e.g. the poorly child or an important meeting you can’t avoid then reschedule your workout for earlier or later in the day when you can fit it in or when you have some help with little ones.
  • Change the workout: if like Angela, it’s your ankle that is the problem, work on your core and upper body. Check with your physio what you can and can’t do and work on what you can.
  • Change the plan: if you’re sick yourself and physically unable to train, rest and recover, but whilst resting make a new plan for when you feel better, starting with gentle walks. Just planning the exercise will help you to feel more positive.
  • Picture yourself afterwards: picture yourself after you’ve done your workout and picture yourself if  you don’t do it…..think about how you will feel in each situation and let that motivate you to choose the option which will bring out the best in you.

I’ll leave you with a video of Derek Redmond from 24 years ago today and remember NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

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