November 4, 2015

Savoury or sweet……fancy a treat?

I can no longer remember the last time I ate a shop bought chocolate bar or packet of crisps, and I can’t remember the last time […]
October 22, 2015

Inspire you, inspire me

Each week the Mammies I train never fail to inspire me. Sometimes it’s the Mammy who manages to keep going after the 8th consecutive night of playing musical […]
October 8, 2015

The Right Balance

When I gave up work earlier this year, I naively thought we would benefit as a family by spending more quality time together and that I’d suddenly become […]
October 1, 2015

My Fitness Journey

By the time my son was 8 months old, I knew it was time to make some changes in my life. It had been a difficult 8 months […]